Back, neck and shoulder - 30 mins - £30.00

Relaxing massage of the back, neck and shoulders, using a blend of sothys essential oils.

Full body massage - 1 hour - £45.00

A relaxing massage of the body using a blend of Sothys essential oils.

Deep tissue massage - 1 hour - £55.00

A deep pressure, firm massage to relieve tension and soothe aching muscles. Combined with specially blended massage oils, this treatment can be tailered to suit your needs.

Orient Sensations (Hot Stone Massage)-1 hour-£65.00

A complete relaxation and anti-stress treatment focussing on the back of the body, using warm balinese pebbles infused in a aromatic bag of ginger and spices.

Indian head massage - 30 min- £37 

A relaxing massage of the back, neck, scalp and face balancing out the chakras. The treatment has alot of lymphatic drainage movments there for it is very good for people that suffer with there sinuses, headaches or just general stress.  It can be carried out with or without an oil. 

Hopie ear candles - 45mins - £37

 This treatment has a chimney like effect as it draws out any impurities from the ear.  It also includes a drainage facial massage which helps with any blocked synuses.  This treatment is ideal before you fly as it helps with the ear pressure and relieves the ears from popping it is also good for people that just suffer with alot of wax within the ear.  A course of three is recommended.  


"we need time to dream, time to remember,and time to reach the infinite.

time to be"